Seychelles company formation (IBC: International Business Company) is a highly popular holding company within an offshore jurisdiction. Seychelles, as an independent country, is a tax-free location with no reporting and minimum record-keeping requirements for companies. Such Seychelles company can be engaged in many forms of international business activities apart from being used as a holding company for tax purposes.

In brief point form, as a popular set up, Seychelles company formation will give you the following benefits:

• Confidentiality – no public records for UBO (Ultimate Business Owner), shareholders, directors
• Set up process is easy and straightforward
• Tax savings achieved using such holding company
• Can be a one-man company (same director and shareholder)
• There are no residency requirements
• It is a completely tax-free offshore company
• Business conducted anywhere around the world but the Seychelles
• No bookkeeping and accounting costs
• No filing of audited accounts
• Not required to visit Seychelles to incorporate your company
• Tax-free collection of dividends and gains
• Reduction of tax in the investee country

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