Gibraltar company formation is an offshore jurisdiction that provides a stable and advantageous business environment.

As a dependant UK country, Gibraltar company formation offer excellent reputation for your business needs.

Incorporation of a Gibraltar company, through our authorized intermediaries, takes around two to three weeks from submission of all documents including KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures and due diligence documents. Gibraltar companies are required to file the annual return with the local House of Companies and are also required to file accounts on an annual basis upon renewal. If the company is trading outside of Gibraltar, one can file a dormant balance sheet. Otherwise one can file trading accounts or an abridged balance sheet.

In brief point form, as a popular set up, Gibraltar company formation will give you the following benefits:

• Limited liability company
• Confidentiality is guaranteed by legislation
• Can be a one-man company (same director and shareholder)
• No requirement for resident directors or shareholders
• No minimum capital requirement
• No requirement for directors/shareholders to attend meetings in Gibraltar
• Companies incorporated in Gibraltar are exempt from local taxation and VAT

With management at our offices, this offshore company is typically purchased as a holding company of another Maltese Company. This Company can then be a shareholder in the Maltese Company and obtain the tax refund applicable to Maltese tax system.

If you would like more information and a quote on Gibraltar company formation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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