Cyprus company formation can be used to provide a tax-efficient way to conduct international business. Cyprus is definitely a popular choice for many business holders due the excellent infrastructure, it being an EU country in a central crossroad location and by having generous tax benefits with many double-tax treaties.

Cyprus company formation can be used for many different purposes such as a trading company, a holding company, an investment company or a consultancy company. The annual tax returns for a Cyprus company must be submitted and annual financial statements are also required to be prepared. A copy of this must filed with the local Registrar of Companies, together with the annual returns.

In brief point form, as a popular set up, Cyprus company formation will give you the following benefits:

• Confidentiality: shares can be held by nominees
• Set up process is easy and straightforward
• Can be a one-man company (same director and shareholder)
• Corporate shareholders and directors are permitted and can be of any nationality
• Can be made with 100% foreign ownership
• There are no residency requirements
• Very few restrictions on activities
• Business conducted anywhere around the world
• Only 12.5% tax rate for companies
• No withholding tax on dividends that are repatriated to a non-resident shareholder

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